Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sharing Another Artist: Lina Ferrara

I am currently taking an online class with Alyson B. Stanfield, author of I'd Rather Be In The Studio to enhance my understanding of the business aspect of being an artist. We're currently halfway through the class and I have met some wonderful, like minded artists. One of them that I'd like to share with you is Lina Ferrara. She is an oil painter from Lewisburg, PA and is the author of Easy Fresco. I was drawn to her still life paintings because they are so meticulously rendered. After liking her Facebook page and exploring her website I found that we share some similar subject matters: landscapes and animals of the farm. Another element that we have in common is that we both paint on furniture, how cool? Be sure to check out her website for her amazing paintings by clicking here.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Honorable Mention

Out of 89 entries, I received The Honorable Mention Award in Gallery 50's "Petite Moments" an International Juried Miniature Art Competition with "Sunday Stars II". I was completely surprised and very excited to be recognized among so many outstanding artists! One of my great friends, Janice Chassier, was there to share the moment with me and also snapped the photo of me with painting and ribbon.