Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Live Wedding Painting: Leevon & Daniel

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to create a live painting at Leevon & Daniel's wedding that took place at the Salem County Fairgrounds. Leevon and I have always supported each other, she has participated in my painting parties and I have been a sponsor for her agricultural fundraisers. I was honored to have the opportunity to paint at her wedding!

Even though I am familiar with the fairgrounds, I met with Leevon the day before her wedding. I wanted to visit the ceremony sight and confirm what she wanted to include in her painting. I also took some reference pictures for the background.

The day of, I arrived at 2:30pm and started to set up and sketch out the painting. I began by painting in the ground and horse stall doors where Leevon and Daniel would be standing in front of. Since the ceremony was brief, I took reference pictures of the bride and groom for the painting. Looking for special moments between the couple is so much fun to capture and recreate in the painting.

Directly after the ceremony, I went back to work as the guests were enjoying cocktail hour. I was situated near the entrance for the reception which was perfect because it gave everyone an opportunity to see my painting evolve throughout the evening. The humidity in the air made the paint very tacky which was a bit of a challenge. However, I used it to my advantage in the sky to create the textured clouds.

The wedding was so much fun! I had some family and friends attending, so it was nice to chat with them throughout the evening as I worked. Below are my Instagram story pictures of the painting progression.

If you are getting married or would like to gift a couple a live event painting at their wedding, please contact me to set up a consultation. Email is the best way to get in touch with me: kimberlydenglish@gmail.com

Be sure to check back for the final reveal of their painting!

The beautiful bride, Leevon, and I

With my cousins Molly and Chloe

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Taking Time for Family

I took a short break from art the last eight days as my sister-in-law, Windi, and my four month old niece, Brooklin, stayed with us. My brother, Brandon, works on a professional NHRA Funny Car drag racing team and was racing on the east coast so the girls flew out to spend time with him as well as visit with our family.

Over the past week we did short little trips around our area. We fed the chicken's at a friend's farm, picked raspberries, went to the Cohanzick Zoo, the local Amish Market, drove around the back lanes of my husband's family farm, and went to a few different ice cream stands. We had bigger plans in mind but three kids on different schedules and Brooklin NOT liking to travel in her car seat, we compromised and stayed local.

This past weekend I also hosted a luncheon for my family to come meet the baby. We had lots of delicious food and the festivities turned into an all day event. We spent time eating, talking, swinging and picking raspberries. It was a great day!

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend so much quality time with Windi and Brooklin. We had a lot of laughs and really enjoyed being together. It's definitely a visit we won't forget! Below are some pictures from our adventures.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Dads & Grads Sale!

This week I am having a sale for Father's Day and Graduates! Use the coupon code: DADS&GRADS at checkout for 15% archival prints, canvas prints, framed prints, furniture, greeting cards, pillows, and wall hangings. If you are local, be sure to select free pick up! Click here to start shopping!

Canvas Prints
 Framed Prints
Greeting Cards


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why Landscapes?

I first began to paint when I was in college studying to become an art educator. At the same time, I also had just started dating my husband. We spent a lot of our dates on tractors in spinach or hay fields and on his four wheeler exploring his family's farm. I would take my camera along to capture the sights of our adventures.

The photographs from our time together served as subject matter for my college assignments. Learning how to paint using the landscapes from special places and moments that I had experienced really helped me connect to the painting process. I had a better understanding of the structures and lighting I was trying to render rather than if I had found a picture on the internet. I created the image while I was in landscape which greatly helped me recall the conditions of my surroundings (i.e., the dry texture of the ground)

Now, 9 years later, most of the pictures that I take are either in our yard or the fields surrounding our home. Where I live provides endless inspiration! I am so lucky to have so many beautiful scenes right outside of my door. Since I am a stay at home mom it is very convenient to walk out the back door and find a landscape that can become a painting while my children are taking their naps or tucked in to bed at night.

My paintings all have special significants and stories about that particular point in my life. They serve as an autobiography and illustrate the landscapes that have shaped who I am. Having the opportunity to paint my surroundings and have people not only recognize the location but also connect with it provides me with so much fulfillment.

Below are some of my first paintings that  I completed in college as well as pictures take from around our home.

"Watson's Mill Road" - Acrylics on Canvas - 9" x 17"
Completed for a college assignment

"Wilson's #601" - Acrylics on Canvas - 22" x 28"
Completed for a college assignment

"Any Given Sunday" - Acrylics on Masonite - 15" x 21.75"
Completed for a college assignment