Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiday Open House

Join me December 2 & 3 from 10AM - 5PM for my first Holiday Open House! A collection of artistic and luxurious, handmade home products, together for a unique shopping experience! 

I will have original artwork, prints, framed prints, pillows and greeting cards available. New Christmas ornaments will also be available. I will be revealing my new painting on Saturday, December 2 at 10:15AM. Preordered 2018 Salem County Farmlands Calendars are also ready for pick up.

Janice Chassier will offer her handmade ceramics. Including: mugs, bowls, soap dispensers, serving platters and more!

A Whole New Light will have handmade soy candles and warming oils.

Handmade and painted bowl fillers for your home decoating needs.

Happy Goats Soap Company will have handmade soaps and lip balms

New painting reveal is on Saturday, December 2 at 10:15AM

Preordered 2018 Salem County Farmlands Calendars are also ready for pick up during the Open House

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday

I know a lot of people prefer Christmas for the beautiful trees, lights, and presents but my absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Since I was little girl, I have always looked forward to Thanksgiving over any other holiday throughout the year. It holds so much meaning and special memories.

Growing up, almost every Thanksgiving was spent at my Aunt Ann and Uncle Norman's home on the Timber Creek. My aunt was the epitome of the perfect hostess. Amazing appetizers, delicious entrees, and decadent desserts, all served on beautiful cut crystal platters with real linen napkins. My uncle would serve up some virgin cocktails for the kids, or slip us a real fuzzy navel, while we played shuffle board and darts in their den. As a family we would dine together under their beautiful chandeliers while taper candles lit the table. I am so thankful for those special moments.

Now a days, my husband and I host Thanksgiving at our home. We always look forward to having our families come together to share the holiday with us. It is so important to consciously acknowledge the many blessings that are present in our lives everyday. Thanksgiving provides us the opportunity to reflect, as a family, on all of the things we are so lucky to have. Another aspect that I love about Thanksgiving is that there are no expectations, only being together. I can't think of anything better than getting together, eating an awesome meal, and enjoying each other's company.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year? 
Leave me a comment, I would love to hear about them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Writing Every Week for One Year

Today marks the anniversary for writing a blog post every week for one year. <Insert confetti here!>  Although that doesn't seem like much to celebrate, I assure you it's a lot more challenging than you might think.

While taking a trip to Barre, Massachusetts to pick up art display equipment, I set a goal to write a blog post every week for one year. I got the idea from artist advising guru, Alyson Stansfield. I have taken many of her webinars and online classes where she advocates for educating art collectors on your artistic process and yourself as an individual. Creating connections is so vital for establishing relationships with clients that will invest in your artwork.

This past year I have written about painting progressions, reviews about events and products, tutorials, and sharing other artists. Through committing to writing a blog every week, I was encouraged too try new things, go to diverse art events, and had the opportunity to reflect and learn about my myself. I found that writing is another creative outlet that has helped me to discover new meaning and purpose for my artwork.

If you have been reading my blogs, I thank you for taking the time to read and comment on them! Your time and insight is greatly appreciated. I'm excited to see what the next year of writing will bring to my art career! Here is a look back at a few of my favorite blogs from this year: How Becoming a Mother Made Me a Better Artist, Why Landscapes?, and Utilizing Artwork for Agvocacy in South Jerseys Farming Industry.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Utilizing Artwork for Agvocacy in South Jersey's Farming Industry

The artwork I create has been inspired by the agricultural landscapes of southern New Jersey since I began painting 9 years ago. At the time, I had just started dating my husband and we spent a lot of our dates on tractors in spinach and hay fields or on his four wheeler exploring his family's farm. The photographs I took from our adventures served as references for my acrylic paintings.

Fast forward to the present, I have continued to focus my subject matter on the beautiful farmlands southern New Jersey has to offer. Recently, I've come to realize that my artwork can perform an important role in the agvocacy for southern New Jersey's farming industry. What is "Agvocacy"? It is a relatively new term that is the combination of the words "agriculture" and "advocacy" which is defined as the positive promotion of agricultural industries.

I'd like my paintings and photography to serve as a platform to promote the active agricultural community in southern New Jersey. The hard work and sacrifices farmers make to grow crops needs to be acknowledged with artwork that evokes just as much of an emotional response from viewers as the farmer's physical efforts in sustaining their land. Portraying their fields, equipment, and operations in an artistic manner will help bring awareness to the often overlooked beauty that exists within farming. It is my hope that my artwork can create connections between the larger, non-farming population and the people that choose to dedicate their life to agriculture.

If you are a farmer from southern New Jersey that would like to have your land/operations photographed or created into a work of art, please email me at: kimberlydenglish@gmail.com

Wilson Brother's Farms - Daretown, NJ

Spring Brook Farms of Pittsgrove
Harvesting Spinach in Elmer

"On The Edge" - Acrylics on Gessobord - 6" x 6" by Kimberly English ©2015 - SOLD

 "Curious #601" - Acrylics on Canvas - 8" x 6" by Kimberly English © 2015

"Distant Vista on Shirley Road" - Acrylics on Gessobord - 11" x 14" by Kimberly English © 2017

2018 Salem County Farmlands Calendar

A collection of photographs by Kimberly English featuring the farmers and farmland of Salem County. $5 of each calendar sold will be donated to the Woodstown Future Farmer's of America Program. A great holiday gift that gives back to our farming community!

To view more agricultural artwork, please visit my website: www.kimberlyenglish.com