Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Voted Best Art in Salem County

Yesterday I found out that I was named "Best Art" in Salem County for 2017 by the Salem County Chamber of Commerce. I am so honored and proud to hold the title again! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me.

Living and working in Salem County greatly influences my artwork. It's not hard to find an amazing view to photograph or paint when so much inspiration is right outside my door. The agricultural landscapes of Salem County will continue to be my focus as I illustrate our beautiful county for the world to admire.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Process of Commissioning a Painting

I have been receiving a lot of welcomed inquires about having a custom work of art created. Today, I wanted to share with you questions you should ask yourself when considering having a painting made and more information about the process of commissioning a painting by me.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Considering Commissioning a Painting

What do I want painted?
It seems like an obvious question but it is important to know what you want me to paint. This can be anything that has specific meaning to you. However, some people prefer to allow me to come to their location and get inspired by my surroundings and allow me complete control of the painting's subject matter. Below are some ideas for commissioned paintings:
  • Landscape
  • Pet portrait
  • House portrait
  • Favorite vacation photograph
  • Show hot rod
  • Farm equipment
  • Floral bouquets 
What is my budget?
Commissioning a work of art is an investment. The imagery you want painted probably has significant meaning to you (or your recipient) which is why you want to commemorate it with a one of a kind work of art. As such, I will spend 25-60 hours creating your painting to ensure I capture both the physical and emotional aspects of the imagery to the best of my ability. Your budget will determine the size (which depends on the amount of detail) and framing.

The Process of Commissioning a Painting

First, clients will either talk to me in person or fill out the fine art commission contact form on my website. From there we will meet to discuss your idea and I can come photograph the landscape, animal, truck, or tractor that will be rendered.

After I have reference pictures I will then be able to provide you with a commission agreement contract that will have a more accurate price dependent on the amount of detail to be rendered and framing preferences. The signed contract and a deposit of 50% of the painting is due before I begin.

If the client grants me permission to share behind the scenes progress on social media, they will be able to see me working their painting. If the work of art is a surprise, I can also send updates privately.

Below are some commissions from this year. Click each image to enlarge

"One of a Kind" - 8" x 10" - Acrylics on Gessobord by Kimberly English © 2017 - SOLD

"Sun-Kissed Abby" - Acrylics on Gessobord - 8" x 8" by Kimberly English © 2017

To start the commission process, click here

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Painting Progression: Sun-Kissed Abby

Last week I finished a commission of a sweet chocolate labrador, Abby. This painting is a special anniversary gift and I had so much fun painting her! I was contacted by the client about a month ago when I had just finished painting "January Blossom". It was perfect timing as I was in-between projects!

We discussed what she wanted and set up a time for me to come photograph Abby. When I was photographing her, we had a comical time trying to keep her still. She is super spunky! We coaxed her to cooperate with some treats and sweet talk. She reminded me so much of my late yellow labrador, Buffy.

Below is the painting progression video of "Sun-Kissed Abby"

"Sun-Kissed Abby" - Acrylics on Gessobord - 8" x 8" by Kimberly English

If you are interested in having a custom pet portrait created, click here for more information.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Finished Live Event Painting: Rachel & David

This weekend I delivered the finished painting from Rachel & David Sickler's wedding. They had an absolutely perfect summer day for their home farm wedding. As a landscape painter that finds inspiration in the agricultural farms of South Jersey, this wedding was everything that I cherish.

I met with Rachel a couple of days before the wedding to see the ceremony site and discuss the elements that she wanted included in her painting. I took some reference pictures and I was also lucky enough to take some around their beautiful farm. The day of the wedding, I completed about 90% of the painting in just 7 hours. I brought the painting back to my studio to add finishing touches, varnish and a frame.

All of the details in her wedding were so personal and reflected her sweet, thoughtful personality. My favorite things to paint were the straw bales and Rachel's aisle decorations of milk cans and flowers. The texture and colors in the straw bales were so fun to create! I also loved how the milk cans were the same color and shape as the silos. I added these after the wedding and I believe their placement really helped to solidify the composition.

The most difficult parts to paint were the silos. I tried to work on them at the wedding but I quickly decided that it would be best to paint them in my studio where I had more control to create the perspective of their round shape. As in previous wedding paintings, the hands and faces were a challenge since they were extremely (smaller than the size of a dime). However, I enjoy this challenge by using as few strokes and shapes as possible.

It was such a pleasure to work with Rachel and create their wedding painting! It was an honor to be a part of their special day at such an amazing farm. I wish them many years of married bliss with all the blessings that it will bring in the years to come.

Below are pictures of the progression as well as the final painting and Rachel's review of the experience. Click the pictures to enlarge.

With my very good friends, Steve & Kathy Williams

Picture courtesy of Taylor Dubois-Bill

Rachel & David's Live Wedding Painting

"After watching Kim do a live painting at my friend's wedding, I knew I had to have her for our wedding. Kim came with high recommendations from the bride and after seeing the finished product, I knew I had to have her! Kim was super kind, thoughtful, and very professional throughout the entire process. It is evident she is passionate about what she does.

Since the wedding was at our house, Kim stopped beforehand to view the property and how everything would be set up. She took some pictures and noted details I thought I would only notice. Her excitement to paint at our wedding was clear and made it even more enjoyable to work with her.

Kim took no time at all presenting us with the final product which was wrapped and displayed beautifully in a handcrafted wooden frame. I cannot wait to display this timeless, beautiful work of art for years to come and perhaps pass on to future generations. If you are looking for a unique experience for your guests at your wedding in addition to receiving a beautiful painting, look no further than Kim English Art!"

-Rachel Layton Sickler

If you are getting married or would like to gift a couple a live event painting at their wedding,