Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday Art Events

Yesterday was an eventful and motivating day! I finished my latest painting, Joanie's Wild Flowers, and entered it into the Works on Paper Exhibition at the Perkin Center for the Arts. I also attended Millville's Third Friday with some art friends to see the new exhibits. I was lucky enough to meet Alex Alampi, a local watercolor artist, at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts. I also really enjoyed the kinetic and interactive exhibit of Kenny Delio at the Clay College. If you are in the Millville area, you should check it out! After strolling the streets and galleries we had an amazing dinner at Winfield's. Yesterday's exposure to the local arts gave me more inspiration and I'm excited to begin gathering new ideas and photographs for my next painting.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update: Joanie's Wild Flowers

I've made more progress on Joanie's Wild Flowers. There is still more to complete but I'm working hard to finish it this week and enter it in the Works on Paper 2011 show at Perkins Center for the Arts. Observations and comments are appreciated.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Works in Progress: Ebeemee,Maine & Joanie's Wild Flowers

A week has flown by already and I thought I'd share some in progress photographs of the two paintings I am currently working on.

The first painting is a commission based on a 4"x6" vacation photograph from Ebeemee, Maine. I realized while beginning work that I found it difficult to connect with the painting because I had never experienced the place that I was depicting. All of the paintings that I have created are locations of significance to me and where I visit often. However, I was very determined to understand this landscape with what information I had.

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Ebeemee while I was on vacation in Maine this July. I took many reference pictures to gain a better understanding of Maine's landscape as it drastically differs from the farm fields of Southern New Jersey! After vacation, I began working with a new found inspiration. From this painting I have come to realize how important it is to fully experience a landscape to gain a better comprehension of the specific characteristics it has to offer.

Ebeemee, Maine - Acrylics on Canvas - 8" x 12"
I am still working the clouds in the sky and their respective reflections in the lake.

The second painting is based on a picture that I took of wild flowers on Watson's Mill Road. In the two pictures I have shown the progress I have made in the last two sessions. In the first picture, I painted the sky and location of the stems. In the second picture, I blocked out some of the flowers and most importantly started the daunting task of adding more values and textures in the grass. In this painting I want to focus upon the beauty nature offers within chaos.

Joanie's Wild Flowers - Acrylics on Paper - 9"x12
I am still working to create depth and texture in the grass as well as forming the flowers

If you have any comments, please feel free to share!