Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Music That Will Increase Your Concentration

Last week I wrote about how I stay motivated and focused as a full time mom and artist. Today, I want to share something along a similar line of thinking. Recently, I recognized a change I have made that has increased my concentration while working in the studio. Since I have short stints of time to work, having very focused sessions is extremely important.

Most, if not all, artists listen to music while they create. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of differing genres of music. If you looked at my pandora stations you would probably be very confused by the mix of country, acapella, heavy metal (thanks to sharing a room while growing up with my then gothic sister), alternative rock, Disney music, and more. I usually rotate between the diverse music stations I have curated over the years depending upon which stage of the creative process I am currently in.

However, I just started listening to a new music station that I have found to be very beneficial in my art making process: Instrumental music. While I was a studying for my Bachelor degrees (yes, I have two ;) ) I spent time at my mentor/professor's, Daniel Chard, home for small group critiques as well as summer intensive painting classes. While I was working within his studio space he would often listen to classical or instrumental music. And now I know why! It is extremely helpful in increasing concentration while painting.

If you are an artist or like to create, you know there is a certain mental state that you need to be in the make your best work. Personally, I have found that listening to instrumental music provides me with the opportunity to "get lost" in the process of art making. Instead of focusing on the words of a song or pressing skip to song I don't care for, the melodies and rhythms of the instruments enhance the experience.

I am so glad Pandora suggested that I listen to the Instrumental Chill Radio station. It's has definitely helped to improve the quality and amount of work I can accomplish in the studio. If you are on Pandora, give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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